A Professional Treatment To Heal Your Sports Injury

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation is the name to trust for effective physical recovery. Our remedial treatments include Physical Therapy and rehabilitation services.

When you get injured while participating in sports, receiving appropriate treatment in a timely manner is key to a speedy recovery. Our clinic provides suitable therapies that will soothe your pain effectively.

A Warm And Reliable Team To Help You Recover

There is always a chance you may get injured while exercising or playing sports, especially if you don't to warm up properly. Consequently, you might find yourself with strains, injuries, fractures, swollen muscles or other types of injuries and pain.

At Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation, we provide rehabilitation exercises to enable you to recover quickly and efficiently. Dr. Narkhede will help you improve your mobility and increase your strength while simultaneously helping to manage your pain. Our staff will also assist you with designed exercises to ensure your wellness.

An Expert In Pinched Nerves Treatment Too

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Narkhede is a specialist in the treatment of pinched nerves. He has all the skills and expertise required to soothe the severe pain you may be experiencing.

Professional Rehabilitation Exercises

We Provide

• Electrodiagnosis Testing
• Soft Tissue Therapy
• Manual Therapy
• Pain Management and Relief
• Range of Motion Therapy
• Ultrasound Therapy

We'll help you manage all your physical pains.