Our Range Of Motion Therapy: An Effective Pain Relieving Treatment

Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation offers complete Physical Therapy at our clinic in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Our services include rehabilitation treatment and range of motion therapy.

Did you tear a ligament or receive some other type of injury while performing sports? Range of motion therapy is the most appropriate treatment for such sports injuries. To ensure complete and proper healing, the help of a qualified and trained specialist is of utmost importance. Get the best possible assistance for your therapy and treatment at Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation.

Ensured Professional Assistance

Range of motion generally refers to the amount or distance your body part or joint can travel in a particular direction. When you get injured, the range of motion therapy is a very effective method to help you get back the flexibility of your body parts.

Here at Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation, we are committed to providing you with the most effective range of motion therapy to guarantee your relief. Our professional staff members will kindly assist you in your exercises until you fully recover.

Therapies To Treat All Types Of Pain

Range of motion therapy is not our sole specialty at Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation. The doctor is also an expert in performing Ultrasound, Manual, and Soft Tissue treatments as well as Physical Therapy. Step into our clinic if you want your physical pain to quickly dissapear.

An Array Of Efficient Therapies

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We'll perform the suitable treatment to help relieve your pain.