Unmatched Rehabilitation Services

Established in 2005, Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation offers excellent treatments to relieve physical pains. Our team specializes in Physical Therapy and rehabilitation services.

Injuries received in a vehicular accidents can be excruciatingly painful. Our medical center in Brooklyn can provide the best in physical therapy to ensure your smooth recovery.

Treating Numerous Pains And Injuries

Dr. Narkhede, has over two decades of experience in rehabilitation treatments and Physical Therapy. His proficiency in treating all types of pain, both chronic and temporary, is remarkable. Suffering from a neck pain? Pinched nerves? Shoulder pain? Simply visit our clinic for solutions that will reduce your pain. Our pain management specialist will treat your pain using specialized techniques applied with gifted hands.  We see patients with many types of injuries, including work-related, personal and sports injuries.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

At Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation, we use the best equipment to relieve your pain in an efficient manner. Our equipment is modern and sophisticated.  When you choose our clinic, you can be sure you will be accurately diagnosed and will receive the appropriate treatment.

Top-Notch Equipment For Precise Diagnosis And Treatment

Why Choose Us?

• A wide-array of therapies
• Many years of experience and expertise
• Comfortable atmosphere
• Efficient treatment
• Highly qualified doctor and professional team

Don't allow your daily routine to be affected by your physical pain.