Physical Therapy - Brooklyn, NY

Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation is your place to go to when you need to recover from pinched nerves, major and minor injuries and debilitating aches and pains. Based on Ralph Ave, in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, we offer a wide range of highly-efficient physical therapy techniques.

Established in 2005, Mill Basin Multi Medicine And Rehabilitation is the perfect location for you to receive safe, reliable and effective Physical Therapy. Operated by 11 highly trained and experienced staff members and a professional doctor, our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic offers personalized and family-oriented patient care in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

A Highly Experienced Doctor

Dr. Nitin Narkhede, director of the clinic, has over 25 years of experience in Physical Therapy. He draws uopn his many years of experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation to heal his patients using the method that best suits each individual patient's needs.

You can be certain you will receive only the best possible treatment when visiting Dr. Narkhede at our clinic. He utilizes specialized techniques that will efficiently relieve your pain and strengthen of your muscles and tissues to reduce your pain and increase your mobility..

Techniques That Will Efficiently Relieve Your Pains

From Injuries To Pinched Nerves, We Treat Them All

Thanks to many years of experience and expertise, our staff members possess the neccessary skills to treat many different types of pain. All treatments are performed under the expert supervision and guidance of the doctor to ensure your expedient relief and recovery.

Whether you are suffering from sports injuries, neck or shoulder pain,wrist/hand problems or pinched nerves, our team will provide you with the appropriate therapy to properly soothe and ease your pain.

Appropriate Therapies That Will Soothe Your Pain

Our Services

  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Range of Motion Therapy

Don't let pain disrupt your daily habits. Let us provide you with the best treatments available.